About purchases and refunds

How do I pay my lessons?

To make a payment, you only need to choose one of our package and pay through our secure payment system (with credit card or via Paypal).

Can I use other payment system?

If you prefer to make the payment via bank transfer or using another method, please contact us to info@spanishvia.com.

What currency do you use?

Our prizes are shown in Euros. If you have any doubt, please, write an e-mail to info@spanishvia.com.

Can I ask for a refund?

Of course you can. If you have booked a package and you want to cancel it, we will refund the proportional money of the lessons you didn’t take. Paypal charges are on the student.

About our courses

About our courses

Can I cancel a lesson?

You can cancel a lesson by contacting me to ablanco@spanishvia.com 24h before it. If you let me know with less than 24h or you don’t inform, the lesson will be paid. The same is true for the change of time requests.

What do I need for my lessons?

You only need Internet connection and have Skype or Hangout accounts.

How long do the lessons take?

Each lesson takes 50 minutes.

What happen if the student is not on time?

If the student is late, we’ll wait for 15 min. If it’s more than 15 min, the lesson will be over and will be considered as no-show.

Do you have lessons in group?

We also offer lessons in group to our students. If you are interested, contact us to info@spanishvia.com

Do the packages expire?

All our packages expire in 6 months after you book them.

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