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Welcome to SpanishVIA, our online and face-to-face Spanish centre for foreigners. This project was born thanks to Ana Sánchez, founder of SpanishVIA. We want the Spanish to be known by all those people who want to improve the language.

Our aim is to guarantee a succesful and high-quality learning whose methodology is based on the interculturality.

Are you ready to learn Spanish?

About ANA
My name is Ana Sánchez and if you asked me what I like the most about my job would be to learn everything about other cultures. I’m from Málaga which is a city located in the south of Spain where the tourism is always present all over our streets and beaches.

I have a bachelor degree in Translation and Interpreting and also a Master’s degree in English teaching as well as a Master’s degree in Spanish for foreigners. I’ve been working not online as an online teacher but face to face teacher in goups and individual lessons. My love for the languages and the fact of living in a very touristic city like Málaga have resulted in this little proyect which gives me the opportunity of keeping on enjoying my work.

Furthermore, I have a lot of curiosities about the difficulties that every single student have when they learn Spanish depending on his/her countries. Enjoy this adventure of Spanish learning and welcome to Spanishvia.

I have worked as an online and face-to-face teacher in both individual and group classes. My passion for languages and the fact of living in a city as tourist as Malaga has led to this small project that gives me the opportunity to continue enjoying my profession. On the other hand, I have many concerns about the difficulties that each speaker has when learning Spanish according to their origin.
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